Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Llamas in Pyjamas is an evolving space.

It is currently about creating calm safe and easy individual work spaces for those who need to crack on with their business and work projects with access to the desk space and wifi to do so. Individual distanced tables, fast wifi and in a few weeks time a small but perfectly formed Zoom Room for privacy to make calls and partake in Zoom meetings. If you have seen our funky main space wall paper you can rest assured you'll get the BEST Zoom background around so watch this space!

Eventually the space will evolve again - we look forward to eventually opening up our tables as a cafe space as we work our way out of lockdown, serving our unique tartines and tacos to Tetbury with a healthy focus centred around immune, gut health and general wellbeing - something I feel very passionately about. For example you might be offered delicious Cornish or Portuguese sardines served on an immune healthy fermented mayo (not smothered in tomato sauce ) one week and crushed avocado with mango and mint and black Icelandic lava salt as a vegan option. Or toasted walnuts, smoky vegan soft cheese, avocado, mango and a vegan chipotle sauce in a pure corn taco if you are searching for a gluten free option. And we will extol the virtues of all the ingredients immune boosting, healthy properties every week!

Mental health has taken a battering this past year so the idea is to create a welcoming peaceful and productive space. No noisy coffee machines. Instead we take our time. Coffees and teas are slow brews. Coffee is locally roasted and hand brewed using Chemex glass cafetieres. Chemex provides great coffee and because it is served black it reduces the need for vast volumes of dairy. You get a clean bright and pure taste. Its clever filters remove the impurities, oils and acidity from the coffee and allow you to savour the brew just as it is.

We've chosen TeaPigs for their beautiful temples and excellent range and will build on their new wellbeing range including herbal teas called 'Happy' and 'Calm'. You'll find Kombacha and Acai and more on the drinks menu packed full of terrific health giving benefits - check back here on our blog for more information. Mineral and fruit Infused mineral water will always be available.

We are very excited to offer Baked by Beth's stunning plant based refined sugar free cakes and cake bars.

We are small - it's just me! - but very keen to help work with and promote Tetbury's local small businesses throughout this difficult time. The high street is the life and soul of the community and we are excited to be a part of that and work with our neighbours to keep it this way. If you are a local supplier or producer and would like to work with us to develop our simple little menu for Aprils general broad business reopening please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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