Llamas started out as a long cherished idea to run a small friendly cafe on the high street, the heart of the community, selling simple and healthy food and using local food producers. Drawing on The Cotswolds and South America which are linked by my background but also by the huge skies and incredible areas of natural wild beauty in both regions (see Instagram), the idea I had was to reflect nature in the design theme. And so these ideas were woven together into a unique fresh and relaxing design with the careful and clever input of a local interior designer Emily Phillips and lighting specialist Tom Shanks of 3ci Lighting in Worcestershire.


The ideas started out pre Covid but of course have had to evolve when they came up against the 2020 pandemic. We've been stalled, somewhat re routed and very very patient. Now we are finally coming to be. Though I sometimes wonder if I am a little mad! I have to cling to hope for a bright and happy future!



Llamas is focused in the present times on offering a relaxing and productive work space. Throughout this past year many people have found it hard to carve out a space at home and to juggle work and in some cases home schooling. Some people might need a quiet space to fully focus on a project, others need the superfast wifi access, others simply not have a space at home to properly function.  We will have our small but perfectly formed Zoom Room up and running end of March so that you can make zoom meetings or make more private calls. Presently you can book one of 6 desk spaces. 


Llamas follows Covid guidelines with the benefit of a smart blue ray air filtration system installed for wellbeing and peace of mind.

Our big emphasis during these stressful times is on mental well being so we want to offer a relaxing non office like home from home environment where you can find some space to work. Our Zoom backgrounds are fun too!


Llamas  will evolve over time to offer sandwich bar, co work spaces, and pop up amenities in our lush space to accommodate small groups and to hire out when it can do so. For now we are strictly co working. Our co work spaces are limited to respect social distancing guidelines and so must be pre booked using half and day rates.

Food & Drink

At the outset Llamas also set out with the idea to offer fresh simple locally sourced food with a focus on immune health. At some point in the not too distant future the hope is to be able to open up into a sandwich bar  and offer our full menu which reflects this intention. Have a read of our Menu and blog to find out more.  Each week the blog will focus on an aspect of wellbeing from immune and good gut health to 'switching off' and good mental health.

The coffee we will serve will be locally roasted using local expertise. We love Chemex glass coffee makers which look beautiful and make coffee feel like a ritual.   Chemex are classic devices for creating fresh, aromatic coffee that tastes purer because its brewed slowly by hand instead of leaving it to a machine.  The filters remove impurities, oils and acidity leaving you with a bright tasty coffee so that you don't need to add milk. More modest consumption of milk is known to be beneficial to your health. We serve everyone with their own beautiful cafetiere which delivers the equivalent of two large cups.


Matcha lattes made with premium grade Matcha green tea and plant based milks will also be available for those who need that creamy frothy hit as well as a variety of healthy TeaPig herbal teas and juices such as Kombachas. 


Co Working Session Offer

You're entitled to a pot of coffee, or two pots of teas as part of your co work package whether you use Llamas for a day a week or a month. A half day 9-12.30pm costs just £7.50 and a full day 9-4pm costs £15.00 and includes:

  • Individual clean table spaces to work at plus shared high brass topped table (social distancing in place)

  • Super Fast Wifi

  • Mineral water, infused mineral waters, one pot of slow brew coffee or two pots of tea all included per session (AM & PM)

  • Healthy plant based snacks to purchase

  • Sofa area & Zoom Room (Zoom Room from late March)

  • Reduced price worker bee lunches to purchase and take away  (tbc)

  • Social and Wine tasting after work on Thursdays (tbc)

  • If you book 3+ half day sessions in advance a week, get a 10% discount. If you book 10+ half day sessions a month in advance get a 12% discount.

Air Filtration System - manufacturers details:


HEPASilent™ technology can effectively remove 99.99% of the 12 most common viruses and bacteria including swine flu (H1N1), E. coli, and Enterovirus (EV71). Blueair’s HEPASilent™ technology captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size. This includes any viruses with a particle size of at least 0.1 micron. Corona viruses measure about 0.12 micron.  Llamas cannot offer guarantees against Covid etc but it does offer the peace of mind of the cleanest indoor air possible.

Hand sanitizers by the Organic Pharmacy can be found on all tables.